Dormer Construction

Jerry Philip

Jerry PhilipProject Manager

M.Sc in Construction Management
B.Sc (Engineering) Honours
Licences 1,2, 4L, WTR

Jerry joined Dormer Construction in 2014

Jerry’s experience and involvement in planning, programming and methodology development allows him to look ahead and identify project risks, to design and implement suitable mitigation measures and to communicate these to all project participants. His experience in management of building services and utilities on large commercial construction projects, translates well to the management of light civil construction and to utilities installation and commissioning. Jerry is adept at, and enjoys, pulling together and driving the project team to meet quality, safety, environmental and programme requirements.

Key Skills & Attributes Experience History
  • Commercial construction management
  • Solid experience with mains and reticulated services
  • Direct labour and subcontractor supervision
  • Stakeholder liaison and relationship management
  • Works planning, programming and progress reporting
  • Design management
  • Budgeting and tendering
  • Subcontractor procurement
  • Work inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Statutory compliance and handover
  • Trench and confined space safety methodologies
  • Design, preparation and maintenance of quality plans and inspection regimes
  • Contract administration
  • Machinery operation and maintenance

14 years’ experience in the management of design, construction and delivery of commercial building services and utilities installations.

  • Provision of building services and utilities to large commercial buildings projects.
  • New build and large scale alteration of existing underground services installations Auckland & Christchurch.
  • Design co-ordination, installation quality control, commissioning, compliance and final handover of E&M building service and utilities within major commercial and residential developments in Auckland & Christchurch.
  • Production, installation and commission and support of in-house custom designed, electronic systems control equipment in Hong Kong and the Philippines.
  • Hillside Escalator Link, Hong Kong Central (extensive in-ground works in challenging environment)
  • Aircraft avionics programmes (Sea Harrier and Jaguar aircraft)
  • 7 years part time contracting and beef cattle farming in North Canterbury
  • 7 years with Fletcher Construction – Building Services Manager
  • 3 years with Mainzeal Property and Construction – Building Services Design Manager
  • 2 years with Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd – R&D Project Manager
  • 2 years with Paul Y/ Sogea JV Ltd – Project Engineer (Main Contractor)
  • 5 years with GEC Ferranti Defence Systems Ltd – Development Engineer