Dormer Construction


Plant List

For both construction and demolition Christchurch, Dormer Construction has an extensive inventory of construction plant. With adequate notice, approximately 80% of this plant available for the duration of this project.

Type and Size Quantity Type and Size Quantity
Excavator <15T 5 Generator 4
Excavator 15T-25T 6 Tool Container (fully equipped) 8
Excavator > 25T 8 Site Shed / Lunch Shed 8
Bull Dozer 4 Broom Tractor 1
Grader 1 Ute 14
Survey Equipment 1 Well point dewatering 800 lm
Compacting Equipment 6 Certified Trench Shields 12
Front Loader 6 Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammer 6
Truck over 10T 5 Sheet piling 600 lm
Truck under 10T 2 Plant Transporter 1
Water Cart 3 Nuclear Densometer 1
6” Pump 10 Pipe Laser 6
4” Pump 8 Clegg Hammer


Scrapers 2  Giken Sheet Piler

Fleet Servicing and Maintenance

All of our fleet maintenance services are out sourced, this allows us to concentrate on our core business.
The following are a list of our primary suppliers of R&M services:

Category Supplier
Excavators Cable Price
Hydraulics Hydraulink
Other Mobile Plant John McClimont
Trucks Heavy Transport Specialists
Small Vehicles Rangiora Toyota