Dormer Construction

SCIRT Corbel Repairs

Corbel Repairs LOCATION Northern Sewer Relief for Christchurch Pipeline Repairs Woodham Street and Edgeware Road
PROJECT START September 2015
COMPLETION September 2016


The scope of this contract was to construct new reinforced concrete jackets around 6 old manholes for the Christchurch Northern Sewer Relief Trunk Main that had been damaged during the earth quake.

The issues that we had to overcome were, de-watering the sheet pile pit, stopping the ground water from entering the pit from the surrounding areas, while not pumping out silt from the surrounding area so that the manhole did not sink, plus sealing up the cracks in the manhole and pipes to allow for a dry pit for the concrete jacket to be constructed. We managed all these processes on all 6 separate manholes, much to the delight of the customer, as the previous contractor could not achieve this.

Extra over this work was considerable sewer bypass pumping of excessive sewer flows on the Northern Relief Sewer Line, to complete certain sections of this contract aa well as over pumping of structures allowing pipelining and repairs.

There was considerable in-situ concrete works and reinforcing placement, as the existing structures were encapsulated as part of the works to maintain high sewer flows.



We had no Environmental issues. There was a very high standard required due to Large volumes of raw sewerage being handled and over pumped.

Health and Safety

We had no H&S issues, plus we scored 100% on 2 Fletcher H&S audits.


We completed the work on schedule.


We completed the works on budget.