Dormer Construction

Christchurch Girls High School Demolition

LOCATION Matai Street, Riccarton Christchurch
CLIENT Ministry of Education
VALUE $215,000
COMPLETION August 2014


Dormer was awarded this contract from a RFT Following an application to Ministry of Education to be a panel (supplier) member for MOE’s demolition portfolio in Christchurch. The general scope of works involved the demolition of the school’s single-level auditorium, music rooms (100,000m2 adjoining an existing building) and associated site works and landscaping. Dormer were responsible for and managed; site set up, strip out, structural demolition and removal of material, removal of all in-ground foundations and services, redundant wastewater and storm water fixtures and fitting (co-ordinated with LOGIC’S separate subcontractors), site works including backfilling and grassing, and construction of weather-tight screen in the structural opening in the main entry lobby. A hidden layer of Asbestos was discovered in the roof-Dormer arranged for safe access to the area and managed the isolation, safe removal and disposal of asbestos using specialists contractors. Isolation of the whole site was paramount as deconstruction took place in a live school environment. Dormer co-operated and communicated readily with school staff regarding deconstruction impact. Where appropriate Dormer sequenced works to happen outside school hours.



Nil incidents. Efficient separation of material to reduce waste to landfill.

Health and Safety

Nil incidents.  The discovery of asbestos was managed to ensure no harm or injury to Dormer staff, subcontractors, school pupils or staff.  Isolated site to restrict entry of hazardous zone.


Reflected submitted methodology and sequencing. While disrupted by discovery of asbestos, work was completed expediently.


Achieved. Approved Variations.