Dormer Construction

Parklands Gravity Sewer Part 2

Parklands Gravity Sewer Part 2 LOCATION Beach Road - New Brighton, Christchurch
CLIENT Fletcher Construction
VALUE $1.5 Million
PROJECT START October 2015
COMPLETION October 2016


The Beach Road sewer line sustained major damage during the earthquake and needed to be replaced.

Dormers won the open tender with FCC.

The contract was made up of a main line at 700 meters long of 225mm-300mm PVC sewer pipe between 2.5 to 4.5 meters deep, plus 300m of 150mm collector line.

The whole project required dewatering due to the high water table, well point dewatering systems was used to deal with this.

The connection to the new Pump Station Receiving Manhole required Dormers to come up with a solution that required a one off special 500mmPE fabricated pipe special, as the connection was not standard.

Bypass pumping was also required to be able to bench the manholes due to the high volumes of flow down the line.

Once the new lines were operational we grouted the old lines and re benched the manholes while dealing with the live sewer flow.



There was considerable ground water that was dewatered and discharged down the Stormwater lines, and then into the Travis Wetlands. So we had to make sure that the discharge water was clear and wouldn’t affect the Wetland.

Health and Safety

We had no Health and Safety issues. This was a credit to the team as this was a one year project, including deep excavations and confined spaces.


The project was completed in the programed time frame.


The project was completed with no major cost escalations. Small variations were completed by open negotiation between FCC & DCL management teams monthly.